Here at G Electric we work closely with our family of companies. We can provide Electric-only services, but we have a lot more to offer. Check out our other services below, and contact our parent company G Family Construction if you would like construction and design services as well as electric.

G Electric

Just have an electrical problem? You're in the right place!  Click the link below to fill out a client request form and one of our project managers will get back to you shortly. 

G Landscape

G Lanscape Division, LLC is a landscape construction design and build company that also provides maintenance services. Check out our portfolio!

G Family Construction

Our Parent Company G Family Construction offers excellent Design-Build services. Request a complete quote from their website (including electrical) at the link below. 

Interior Design

G Design has a team of skilled interior designers that can help you plan your space, design your home, and pick the right finishes to tie it all together and make it a masterpiece. 

G Design

Our team of designers and draftsmen work together to provide initial schematics, obtain permits, design complete 2D architectural plans and elevations and 3D renderings. 


G Family Construction and G Design can work with you to develop properties for a variety of uses. We have a lot of experience buying, selling, flipping and renting properties. 

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